A: BBSHRRDB provides skill trainings to educated, semi literate, uneducated youth in 386 trades of 89 employable sectors with an objective to facilitate them for employment and curtail poverty.


Q: How to Apply in BBSHRRDB?

A: Download application form from BBSHRRDB website or submit online application form. BBSYDP will intimate you if you are matching all the criteria. Depending upon merit based selection test score, you will be placed accoring to program guidlines and placment algorithm.


Q: What is trainee selection criteria?

A: Selection criteria is; District Placement Plan Merit based test result Age bracket (18-35) Qualification ( literate , semi-literate / course specific) Domicile ( Sindh) Trade preference District wise allocation of seats Gender (preference)


Q: How BBSHRRDB verify / validate each trainee against selection criteria?

A: BBSHRRDB verify each candidate though master database, BBSHRRDB have dedicated web-based MIS-System for verication of each candidate. Finnaly BBSYDP use NADRA Verisys Technologies for verification purpose.


Q: What is Selection Process? A: |Click here| to view detailed selection process. Q: What is the process of disbursment of stipend?

A: |Click here| to view detailed stipend disbursment process.


Q: How BBSYDP place trainees in institutes?

A: |Click here| to view detailed trainee placment process.


Q: What do you mean by registered trainee?

A: A joined trainee whose bank account is opened.


Q: I am already BBSHRRDB graduate, may i apply again?

A: No you can not apply again. BBSHRRDB offer only one training to each youth