Applications are invited for Phase-XII (2019-20) For Skills Development of Youth of Sindh

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As a matter of legislative determination, to sustain and safe guard public interest, the mandate of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program [BBSYDP], initiated in 2008-09 by Government of Sindh, has been passed on to Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Human Resource Research & Development Board [BBSHRRDB], established through Act of Assembly, Sindh 2013 as a public service initiative to develop human resource in Sindh by empowering youth (aged between 18-35 years) with employable skill sets that will multiply work avenues for them.

Youth population in Sindh is estimated at 55.7 and out of this youth population 1.7 million are unemployed. A large cohort of youth is unemployed as they do not have skills to compete in the job market. Skills development is an important step to promote employment generation; increase in number of skillful youth would increase per capita income, thus give boost to economy of province

BBSHRRDB has groomed almost 350,000 youth in 89 employment sectors and shaped the youth as an economic asset for the province. BBSHRRDB takes pride in ensuring implementation of standardized skill development training so that each man and woman would get equal opportunity. This approach would bring lucrative results in human resource development.


Addressing twin issues of un-employment and poverty through skill development by imparting trainings in employable skills and by enabling them to get decent employment.


Skilled and Constructive youth, shaping a peaceful, prosperous and strong Pakistan.

(Short-term Vision)

  • Semi-literate and educated youth provided employable skills and certification to meet the demand of local and international market
  • Maximum available training institutes of Sindh Government activated and equipped to provide required training (where dormant, reactivated in stages)
  • Private and public sector coordination procedures and channels established
  • Public awareness at grass root level of BBSHRRDB.

(Long-term Vision)

  • Quality of Human resource improved (skilled and disciplined)
  • Trained manpower export to international markets
  • Earning capacity of semi-literate and educated youth enhanced
  • Reward of education recognized by a majority of urban and rural population
  • Public & Private Sector Centre of excellence for vocational training formed in Sindh
  • Foreign donors attracted to the Board.


  • To train youth in Sindh with employable skills through public and private sector training wings, to meet local and international, present and upcoming industry, projects and sectorial human resource requirements.
  • To address poverty in rural and urban areas with special emphasis on gender equality
  • To conduct periodic survey of the Program to check if it meets the national, international job market and certification requirements.
  • To train human resources in Sindh to cater to the needs of public and private sector in local and international markets.
  • To provide stipend to various categories of unemployed youth, with a view to provide them some income during training.
  • To provide quality trainings and certification to unemployed youth through technical and professional institutes and “On-Job training” by the public and private sector to increase their employability.
  • To provide linkage to the trained manpower to the local and international job market and explore self-employment opportunities.
  • To encourage the industry to comply with Apprenticeship Ordinance 1962 and its rules/regulation 1966. Propose amendments/changes to make it applicable to present industry projects and sectors requirements.

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Applications are invited for Phase-XII (2019-20) For Skills Development of Youth of Sindh

Latest Updates

Applications are invited for Phase-XII (2019-20) For Skills Development of Youth of Sindh

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